Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ICS [Stock] and CM9/AOKP ICS for MELE A1000


  1. Official MELE files:
    1. Official 4.0 V1
    2. Official 4.0 V1.1
    3. Phoenix card software for Windows 7
    4. Phoenix card software for Windows XP
  2. CM9/AOKP files
    1. Recovery file
    2. Mele 1.0.8 Legacy file
    3. Gapps signed
    4. AOKP
    5. CM9
    6. ADB Recovery files

Installation process for MELE Files:
  1. Flash the desired image with the corresponding PhoenixCard version to an SD card.
  2. Turn off MELE
  3. Place SD inside of MELE
  4. Turn on MELE
  5. Wait for it to stop flashing red and blue lights
  6. Remove SD card
  7. Turn on MELE
The problem is that the xpad module is not supported with the original ICS files, which means no Xbox controller but CM9 and AOKP support xpad.

In order to flash CM9 or AOKP:
  1. Turn on MELE
  2. Connect to Ethernet.
  3. In the ADB Recovery files
    1. Run HDMI or VGA scripts according to your setup(CWM will use this output).
    2. Edit the script.fex MAC address for yours.
    3. Run edit bootload.bat
  4. Copy the following files to the SD
    1. Recovery.img
    2. CM9 or AOKP, your choice
    3. Google apps
    4. Mele legacy file
  5. Execute install-recovery.bat <mele ip address>, this will make MELE reboot in recovery mode.
  6. During recovery mode
    1. Wipe cache
    2. Wipe data
    3. Flash CM9/AOKP
    4. Flash Google Apps
    5. Flash Legacy File
    6. Go to advanced -> Fix permissions
    7. Reboot.
If something goes wrong during the flash process, MELE won't give video at all or it will get stuck in a bootloop. Just flash original 4.0 image and proceed to flash CM9/AOKP again.

CM9/AOKP won't work if you flash 4.0 V1.1, you have to be on 4.0 V1.0
The boot image comes pre-rooted.

Based on Naismith's (Slatedroid) tutorial


  1. i've try the step mention,
    but after step 5 reboot the mele a1000, later after a while nothing appeared just the multiple blinks, then it turn itself off,
    i'm lost in the way to implement step 6
    -how to wipe the cache and data?
    -how to flash the CM9 zip file?
    inside the zip file does contain a boot.img file, is the file need to be flash?

  2. If MELE's light starts blinking on and off, the device is reinstalling the system. The phoenix card software creates a partition in your SD Card that is invisible on windows, so if you are planning on using the same SD Card, you have to format it before placing the files in it.

    If you manage to do this, when you reboot you'll see a menu with these options, just tap the controller(IR Controller or fly mouse).

    Flash the entire zip.

  3. Hello

    I had a problem while flashing a new rom. I wiped the data and disconnected the mele from power. Now when I connect the mele plugs to the socket power, the blue led turns on, but nothing more happen...

    Is it possible to restore a new rom, or the mele is now bricked?

    Hope you can help me...